North Bristol Rifle Club (NBRC) is a friendly shooting club which extends a warm welcome to those who have never tried target shooting and fancy having a go, through to experienced and competitive shooters.

We provide access to a 25 yard indoor range and frequently shoot outdoors at Magor. Meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights from around 8pm, we happily provide tuition individually and for groups.

Through this web site we aim to promote the sport of target shooting, provide information about our club along with information that members and interested parties may request.

The Club was founded in 1945 as a unit of the 9th Battalion (Home Guard) Gloucesters.

9th Battalion used an old army range built in the 1930s when the shooting was done from a 4 feet deep trench. Many of the club members in the later years were not aware that the floor they lie on to shoot covered this trench.

The club changed its name to North Bristol Rifle Club in 1954. In 1995 the club also changed venue from the site in Horfield to Failand. Shortly after that, in 1998, the club moved again to its present location in Shirehampton.